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Path To Perdition

Path To Perdition

this band

Average rating 3.7

Path To Perdition

Path To Perdition

28 Dec 2011 date joined

England, Staffordshire

Daniel Brough Vocals

Tom Boulton Vocals

Alex Hewitt Guitars

Josh Cooper Guitars

Alex Race Drums

Luke Cooper Bass


'Path to Perdition' were formed in Spring 2009, Now, a year on, they are truely defining their sound, having dropped a couple of the earlier songs from their live set, replaced with the newer, more mature music. The Writing process is an ongoing one with new songs and ideas consistently shining through, with a tight live set to back up the solid, outright dirty tunes, they are ready now to make a ...real name for themselves on the live circuit. With the band planning to record a 2nd EP later this year, and more and more gigs on the cards, The only way is up!


If its got groove, its probably Influeced us, Acacia Strain, Fell Silent, Monuments, Volumes, Periphery, Whitechapel, Circles, Structures, After The Burial.

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