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25 Feb 2012 date joined

Scotland, Strathclyde

Brian drums

Graeme guitars, vocals

Jack bass

Jonathan vocals

Martin guitars


Pettybone is a five-piece rock band based in Greenock, Scotland. Since 2002 Pettybone have developed an impressive reputation nationally with their incendiary live performances. With the addition of Jonathan on lead vocals in 2010, added to the existing members Graeme (guitars/backing vocals), Brian (drums), Jack (bass) and Martin (guitars), they have seen their sound expand further to include vocals which “provides a texture that often so many instrumentally focused bands forget about”. Musically the band write songs with riffs while incorporating sophisticated progressive dynamics and killer vocal hooks. The present line-up has written and recorded three EPs, ‘Singularity’, ‘Continuum’ and the latest, the recently released ‘Eventuality’. These EPs demonstrate the band’s diverse range and power and all three have met with critical praise and airplay on various rock music based radio stations.


Metallica, Soundgarden, Tool, Alice In Chains, Bad Religion, Mastodon, Kyuss, Neurosis

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