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Pressure Kids


this band

Average rating 2.9

Pressure Kids


3 Jan 2012 date joined

England, Staffordshire

Charlotte Alabama Lombardi Vocals

Dan Craik Guitar

James Paul Keane Bass

Danimal Drums

Simon Daniels Guitar/Vocals


Pressure Kids are five twenty-somethings hailing from the outskirts of Birmingham. Their main aim is to make music with pop-hooks, catchy melodies and tight instrumentals.

Pressure Kids are a refreshing response to the criminal lack of guitars in modern pop music and are targeting the mainstream pop-genre whilst jumping on nobodies bandwagon.

Lacking in ego and pretense, the band drive relentlessly in search of perfect tracks, discarding anything that doesn't make the grade. Their songwriting and musical mission statement is to get the audience dancing and raise smiles on people's faces.

Solidifying their line-up in 2011 with talented, experienced musicians and a charismatic female lead singer, Pressure Kids have embarked on a gig-offensive, playing host to responsive and complimentary audiences. Working hard to secure gigs for the near-future, the band hope to draw on their experience and abilities to reach more people with their music.

Not afraid of hard-graft and brimming with enthusiasm, Pressure Kids have established a loyal following, amassing great support via their Facebook Page and other social networking sites. The band recently decided to thank their 'fans' by offering their first EP as a free download.

Dancing to the beat of their own drum, Pressure Kids are independent, exciting and definitely worth a listen.

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