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Pathetic Island Fallacy

this band

Average rating 4.5


Pathetic Island Fallacy

25 Feb 2012 date joined

England, West Yorkshire

Wolfgang Bailey Guitar/Lead Vocals

Ben Marsden Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals

Rio Goldhammer Bass/Vocals

Sam Evans Rhythm Guitar

Don Demrow Drums


" PseudoNympho are here to save us from mediocrity and banality. They rock. And unapologetically so. With hooks that hit you like a nuclear bomb to the face, 'Pathetic Island Fallacy' isn’t afraid to nail its flag firmly to the rock mast. But the obvious intelligence and meaning in the lyrics shows that PseudoNympho are a band that have no truck with the cult of the dumb. And their punk sensibilities mean they neatly sidestep any danger of falling into hollow rawk posturing. [...] in the world we live in, this is a band that are going to be very important to some people. Which is one of the few truly worthwhile goals any band can strive for." - Sam Flintlock, Croon


Mastodon, The Wildhearts, Manic Street Preachers, GNR, Alice in Chains, Faith No More, Pantera, Motorhead, Stone Temple Pilots, Stewart Lee

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