Red Bool Bedroom Jam

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Rat Attack


this band

Average rating 3.9

Rat Attack


9 Feb 2012 date joined

England, Devon

Mike Hodges Vocals

Charlie Wesson Guitar

Dan Wilson Bass

James Flavell Drums


We are Rat Attack

We kick off the party!

We get pissed, dance, blaze the chalice and play music because it's FUCKING FUN! It doesn't matter if you look like a goblin or you still have your parasitic twin bro growing out of your neck! There is no uniform you have to wear to watch us play, the only thing we ask is that unless your a fucking boring mong, you come down to a show and rock out with us in... the flesh x

In summer 2007 we formed a band called Rat Attack and 4 years later we have played over 350 shows in the UK, 4 Euro Tours and played with loads of mental bands, such as: Madball, Bane, Crime in Stereo, H20, Blacklisted, Outbreak, Terror, Ceremony, Paint it Black, LTA, Ghost of a Thousand, Sonic Boom Six.


The Bronx. Refused. AFI. Gallows. Every Time I Die.

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