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Red Dust Road


this band

Average rating 4.2

Red Dust Road


3 Feb 2012 date joined

England, Somerset

Matthew J Reynolds Vocals/Acoustic

Rob Day Electric

Andrew Britton Bass

Chas Bacon Drums


‘For a relatively new band – formed only in July 2010 – Red Dust Road have a beautifully defined sound. The teaming of strong rock melodies with soft, but powerful vocals is reminiscent of many of the 90’s best rock bands; Pearl Jam, Blind Melon and Semisonic all coming to mind. Despite this, the band manage to sound surprisingly fresh and current, and the sound you hear is very much their own. For me, the stand out track on ‘Unfinished Story’ is ‘Terms of Surrender’ which struck me on the first listen. It’s a perfect summer rock song that immediately made me want to go for a long drive with the windows down. By the second listen I was already singing along. Similarly ‘My Place (Summer Storm)’ had me hooked early on with its catchy chorus, cleverly arranged harmonies and a simply brilliant guitar solo in the mix too. ‘Not Like Before’ shows a softer, more emotionally involved side to the band. The inclusion of the smooth guitar solo and steady drum beat gives the song a similar feel to the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ classic song ‘Scar Tissue’. Title track ‘Unfinished Story’ is an up-tempo, but reflective song that I imagine is even more emotional when performed acoustically. Singer Matt Reynolds’ voice shines particularly on this song, as he manages to strike a careful balance between singing personal lyrics and delivering powerful vocals. To me this six track EP was made for long drives, road trips and summer evenings. As a first output for the band, it’s undeniably strong. With ‘Unfinished Story’ they manage to showcase a range of material, find influence from other bands and still prove that they have their own unique sound. It is a delicate balance that they make seem effortless. Amidst the hundreds of pop rock bands touring the country at the moment, Red Dust Road sound wonderfully authentic and give the impression that they have been perfecting their sound for several years, not several months. I, for one, am impressed and will definitely be tracking down tickets to see them live on their current tour’ – LiveMusicScene ‘Serious pliers of adult rock’ – Venue Magazine


Counting Crows, Dave Matthews Band, Vertical Horizon, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, Sister Hazel, Train, 3 Doors Down, Blues Traveler

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