Red Bool Bedroom Jam

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Red Kites

Beat In Time

this band

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Red Kites

Beat In Time

8 Jan 2012 date joined

England, Surrey

Moteh Parrott Guitar & Vocals

Liam Trevor Lead Guitar

Andy Reeves Drums

Ben Golding Bass


Red Kites, consisting of Moteh Parrott, Liam Trevor, Andrew Reeves and Ben Golding, first met and formed in October 2010 at college in Guildford. The collective vision was clear – to write refreshing, interesting music from the heart, with honesty and passion. Lizzy Jane was written in the first practise session as a band, and the chemistry between the four was undeniable. Liam’s distinctive guitar playing, Ben’s ear for satisfying bass-line harmony, Andy’s powerhouse drumming and Moteh’s musical imagination led to a sound that was original while channelling the sound of hundreds of musical influences. Plans for the first E.P are well underway, and it is set for release in Late April/ Early May 2012.

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