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Rodeo Terrorists

Move Two 'The Little Skateboard'

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Average rating 3.7

Rodeo Terrorists

Move Two 'The Little Skateboard'

15 Mar 2012 date joined

England, Staffordshire

HoseA Computer Things

BetaB Thumpy Stuff


Rodeo Terrorists play around with Garage Band when its crappy raining outside, so you can't go out and play in the park. Inspired by the KLF, The Orb, Chicane and 808:State, the Rodeo Terrorists aspire (& hope) to have their music played in a lift or a local supermarket. But then realise that any kind of commercial success (such as this) would go to their heads and fundamentally undermine the amateur nature of their endeavour.

BTW we made this video for the price of a £9.99 Skateboard from Argos and a video camera we found in a canal, we don't do budgets just music.


Chicane, The Chemical Brothers, 808 State, New Order, Orbital

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