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Scott Freeman

Attack of the Kraken

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Scott Freeman

Attack of the Kraken

3 Jan 2012 date joined

England, Surrey

Scott Freeman Guitar/Ukulele/Vocals


Hey guys I\'m Scott, I\'m twenty years old and a bit of a songwriter. I play and perform with passion, no way does the word \'acoustic\' mean \'sit down\' for me. I\'m influenced heavily by my environment and often write about those moments you can\'t escape from.

I write quite personal stuff, but on a relatable level. I intend with every record to reinvent myself and find new ways of sharing interactive, invigorating live music with everybody. On each music page of mine you\'ll find different songs, different styles, but the same passion. So turn your speakers up and get ready for an acoustic blast of energy.


Ian Dury & The Blockheads Arctic Monkeys Kashmir Nick Drake The Doors Scoundrels Blood Orange Last Child Dancing & David Bowie

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