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Burn The Bridges

this band

Average rating 3.9


Burn The Bridges

20 Dec 2011 date joined

Scotland, Central

Lev bass / shouting

Graeme guitar / singing

Szymon drums / smackdowns


Senzafine are a three-piece metal outfit from Glasgow, Scotland who provide a Frankenstein-like stitching together of sounds, fusing the aggressive Biohazard-influenced riffing of bassist Joe \\\\\\\"Lev\\\\\\\" Cassidy with the grunge-tinged melody of guitarist / lead vocalist Graeme Humphrey and tempering it in the fine tradition of such bands as Life Of Agony and Helmet with the aggressive drumming of sticksman Szymon Ostasz. Aiming to finally put the evolution of crossover / alternative metal back on the track it was on before the nu-metal trend derailed things in the late-90s, Senzafine provide something a little bit different for fans of heavier music when the knuckle-headed blastbeating of today\\\\\\\'s metal and constant chugging breakdowns of today\\\\\\\'s hardcore all start to blend together.

Senzafine became well-known to local music fans soon after their formation when an early demo version of their song \\\\\\\"The Risk (Is Worth The Gain)\\\\\\\" was featured on 96.3FM Rock Radio in the West of Scotland\\\\\\\'s \\\\\\\"Future Classics\\\\\\\" slot a then-unprecedented three Fridays in a row from 22/05/2009 to 05/06/2009. The band quickly followed up on this public interest with a string of powerful live performances up and down the UK - including gigs with international touring acts such as Warrior Soul from New York and British crossover pioneers Senser - entertaining and impressing any crowd they have been put in front of and amassing a sizeable local following thanks to the energetic on-stage performances which have proven to be the perfect marriage to their catchy but aggressive musical style.

Senzafine\\\\\\\'s debut album, \\\\\\\"APEX\\\\\\\", was released through Copro Records / Casket Music in early December 2011 and the groove-riffing style of the tracks on it aim to showcase the band\\\\\\\'s wide array of traditional and modern metal and hardcore influences. The list of collaborators who help to set the tone and atmosphere of “APEX” also gives nods to the musical artists who have inspired Senzafine to make the music they make, with CD cover art designed by Alan Robert of Life Of Agony (also currently a writer and artist for IDW Comics) and a spoken word intro on the album courtesy of current Stuck Mojo frontman, Lord Nelson.

With the blistering thrash-laced assault of tracks like \\\\\\\"Prevalence\\\\\\\" and \\\\\\\"Villain\\\\\\\", the New York Hardcore-influenced bounce of \\\\\\\"Burn The Bridges\\\\\\\" and \\\\\\\"Let Go\\\\\\\" or even the moody, downbeat grunge vibe of \\\\\\\"In Vain\\\\\\\", the collection of songs on \\\\\\\"APEX\\\\\\\" will lay the band\\\\\\\'s musical background bare on the table but consistently spice things up with a distinctively listenable flavour all of Senzafine\\\\\\\'s own that will make the total package come across as not only cohesive-sounding but should also prove a very original and unique contribution to today\\\\\\\'s heavy music landscape.

Senzafine\\\\\\\'s next planned live performances will be opening for Fozzy, the heavy metal band fronted by professional wrestler Chris Jericho and featuring Stuck Mojo guitarist Rich Ward, on selected shows up and down England and Scotland on Fozzy\\\\\\\'s UK tour in early November 2011.


Life Of Agony, Biohazard, Helmet, Metallica, Pantera, Alice In Chains, Down, Only Living Witness, Sepultura, Machine Head

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