Red Bool Bedroom Jam

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5 Feb 2012 date joined

Scotland, Strathclyde

Matt Cochrane Vocals

Andrew O'Brien Guitar

Neil Gillespie Guitar

Dean Farrell Bass, Vocals

David Costella Percussion


We are a metal band from Airdrie near Glasgow. The band formed as of around May of 2008: there were a few temporary line-up changes but we have always reverted to the original members. We played our first gig together as a band on 18th of September 2009 to a great reception, and we feel, have continued to go from strength to strength, picking up fans along the way. Sure, we're unheard of outside of the Scottish central belt, but you've got to start somewhere! We currently have our first unsigned album, "Into The Void" released in March 2011. This can be found on iTunes and Spotify. We have a new EP coming out early 2012 entitled "Virality". We also have big plans for 2012 so keep checking back frequently. We have supported some great metal acts such as Napalm Death and have a gig with Flood of Red approaching soon.


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