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Can't Stand A Second

this band

Average rating 4.5


Can't Stand A Second

9 Jan 2012 date joined

Scotland, Grampian

Scott Lynch Guitar

Wayne Mickleburgh Guitar

Scotty Davidson Vocals

Tom Whitehead Drums

Fraser Calder Bass

PD Scott Synth / Backing Vocals


Formed on Mount Olympus by Zeus himself, SilverbySkyline draw on each of the members - Scotty Davidson, Wayne Mickleburgh, Peter Scott, Fraser Calder, Tom Whitehead and Scott Lynch\'s - individual music tastes to produce an energetic mix of pop-punk/alternative rock & pop post-hardcore genres. A relatively new addition to the Aberdeen music scene - after being banished forever from Mount Olympus because of an incident involving Fraser\'s bass guitar, Zeus\' wife and a wheelbarrow of cottage cheese - SilverbySkyline have been steadily amassing fans with every gig that they play. After using many devious online ploys to increase their internet presence, SilverbySkyline have now taken to doing radio shows, playing gigs and general tomfoolery in order to gain more local fans and to get their music out there. Please aid them in their mission to reclaim their place on Mount Olympus by voting for them and checking them out on Facebook.


Architects, Deaf Havana, A day to remember, Taking back sunday, Cobra Starship, The academy is, You Me at six, Paramore, 30 seconds to mars, etc

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