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Sonic Thrill


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Sonic Thrill


21 Dec 2011 date joined

Scotland, Lothian

Hannah Jones Lead Vocals

Matthew Le Core Lead Guitar/Backing vocals

Nic Ross Drums /Backing Vocals

Jordan Hope Keyboards/Backing Vocals

Kieran Lewis Bass


With a sound that hails back to the 80\'s, taking influence from bands such as whitesnake, bon jovi, motley crue & europe, sonic thrill add a touch of modern grit with melodic twists to the timeless 80\'s sound.

Currently gigging around edinburgh, glasgow and fife,in promotion of their self produced double a-side cassette EP, the band are kicking up a storm and quickly building a following for themselves.

As well as a busy live schedule, sonic thrill are also in process of recording new material for their upcoming 8 track EP, due to be released in early february . there will also be a Scottish tour in support of the release.

Originally founded in late february 2011, by drummer nic, and guitarist matt, sonic thrill had a difficult start. although the writing process flowed smooth and effortlessly, finding a solid lineup proved to be more challenging. with friends originally filling the places of keys and bass the hunt was on for a singer.

Sadly, before the hunt had truly begun, it became apparent that the current lineup just didn\'t gel and so the prowl for members ensued.

After trying multiple singers, Matt and Nic found Hannah who fitted in perfectly and added a new dimension to the band. Keys were finally in place with the arrival of Jordan, and just a permanent bass player was needed after the departure of Eddy but the band shortly found Kieran, a keen bassist who after one band practice and one gig was ready to join the band permenantly.


Motley Crue, Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, Reckless Love, Steve Vai, Smashing Pumpkins,

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