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Still Vintage

Funk Song

this band

Average rating 4.3

Still Vintage

Funk Song

20 Dec 2011 date joined

Scotland, Strathclyde

Ian Ross Lead Vocalist

Frankie McConnachie Keyboardist

Patrick McConnachie Lead Guitarist

George Paterson Bassist

Stephen Clark Drummer


Still Vintage is a 5 piece band from around lanarkshire area and have been a band since 2006 the band was formed by Frankie McConnachie and Patrick McConnachie then soon after that Ian Ross Joined the band, band members came and gone but in 2011 there new members Stephen Clark and George Paterson joined the group. Still Vintage are back rocking out lanarkshire and showing you how to rock SV style


Whitesnake, ACDC, Motown, Rock, Bon Jovi,, ZZ Top,

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