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Stimpy Myth

Absolute Wreckage

this band

Average rating 3.1

Stimpy Myth

Absolute Wreckage

20 Dec 2011 date joined

England, Yorkshire, East Riding

Will Fell Vocals/Bass

Dave Baross Guitar

Phil Jubb Guitar

Andy Irvine Drums


“Our aim is to be the kind of band that we all love, the ones we want to see live, the bands that made us want to pick up instruments in the first place…”

And it was this shared passion for honest, heart on your sleeve catchy music that brought the four members of ‘Stimpy Myth’ together in the first place. Andy Irvine (Drums), Dave Baross (Guitar), Phil Jubb (Guitar) and Will Fell (Vocals/Bass) knew instantly that they had formula to achieve this common goal. Coming from similar though admittedly slightly different influences, what each member brings to the writing process adds it’s own personality to create the sound that is ‘Stimpy Myth’…familiar but innovative, fresh yet reminiscent...always genuine.

So after a handful of shows they quickly entered ‘Fareview Studios’ in their hometown of Hull to capture this sound. And now with five songs available for download digitally and the full album release set for early 2012, ‘Stimpy Myth’ has been set in motion…to excite, to persuade, to arouse and to engage their audience. All are welcome to come along and follow the myth…


Alternate Rock, Foo Fighters, KISS, Kasabian, Pearl Jam, The Clash, The Jam many many more

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