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Stop The Blackout


this band

Average rating 2.8

Stop The Blackout


24 Dec 2011 date joined

England, Greater Manchester

James Moon Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard

Rick Cash Guitar

Danny Lister Bass

Si Gaskin Drums


Stop The Blackout produce bright, modern, pop tunes with a dark, experimental twist. The band has been lavished with praise by industry insiders: Clint Boon (XFM Radio/Inspiral Carpets) described their music as ‘beautiful’ and ‘world class’ after they appeared on his Music Response show on XFM, director of Key 103 Radio Gary Stein said the guys were ‘impressive’, while James Carpenter of Beacon FM described them as ‘f***ing amazing’! The group has also featured on Alex Zane’s MySpace Chart Show and their single 'Headlights!' is receiving radio play on Q, NME and BBC Manchester.


Elbow, Coldplay, U2

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