Red Bool Bedroom Jam

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18 Apr 2012 date joined

England, Greater London

Carl Casagrande Vocals

Laurence Armitage Guitars

David Viner Guitars

Steve Ball Bass

Andy Felton Drums


Having played together since they were mere bacteria in a test tube, Andy Felton, Dave Viner and Laurence Armitage have matured playing every rundown and foul smelling venue that would open their doors to them... But in late 2011 they were joined by the elite talents of Carl Casagrande and Steve Ball, and so gigging and production of a debut album began. Now, barely into March of 2012, and thanks to the dedicated brains behind it, we have produced a shockingly huge sounding album and wiith the release just around the corner, and with offers for shows pouring in, Stormborn will be gigging extensively in support of it whilst procuring a lucratice deal for distribution worldwide. Having already taken to many well loved stages throughout London, Stormborn are gathering a vastly growing following and much respect for their live presence and power... "Next up this evening were Stormborn and some of you may have already read my colleague’s review of them from their show at the Purple Turtle in January. Stormborn are a five piece London based power/heavy metal group who bring to the stage a show that is deserving of any metal audience in the UK from the smallest bar right up to a major festival, they fill a gap in the UK Metal scene" -

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