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Straight Jacket Legends


this band

Average rating 4.5

Straight Jacket Legends


12 Jan 2012 date joined

Wales, Isle of Anglesey

Dan Bass / Vox

Jake Guitar / Vox

Caine Drums / Vox

Tommy Guitar / Vox


With a fusion of catchy power punk songs, orchestral power riffs and dangerously sic melodies it's no wonder why this band is called Straight Jacket Legends! The band has taken the catchy pop rock feel and mixed it with their own orchestral compositions to create the world’s first Orchestral Power Punk Band. Seeing the 4 piece band pull off a full on orchestral live sound is a show in itself. The powerfully energetic live performance of the band this is a show never to miss! Having the founder of the 'Jedi Church' as one of the front men, crazy catchy orchestral power pop tunes and a performance that would make Prince envious, there is a reason why kids are taking about Straight Jacket Legends!

After working with one of the most modern influential orchestral composers ‘Bill Conner’ and the attacking sound from indi punk producer Richard Roberts (masters in France producer) mixed with dangerously catchy melodies Straight Jacket Legends pull off a spectacular showcase of energetic, sing along classics.

Now with the release of their debut E.P on the legendery Anhrefn Records (c) with Welsh punk hero Rhys Mywn who has guided some of the worlds biggest bands like Catatonia and a friend of the late John Peel, Straight Jacket Legends are setting their sights high.


ZebraHead, Army Of Freshmen, The Misfits, INME, Sonic Boom Six, Population Four

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