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Sunflower Tuesdays


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Average rating 4.4

Sunflower Tuesdays


24 Jan 2012 date joined

Scotland, Strathclyde

Scott Rafferty Guitar, Vocals

Sean McCluskey Lead Vocals

Antz Breslin Bass

Daniel McGarry Guitar

Mark Drinnan Drums


Sunflower Tuesdays bring you emotion, love and compassion all in the one big beautiful bundle when their music is heard by your ears. The band are best know for their hit "Graveyard" and the ladies favourite, "Guy Girl". The world needs a band like the Sunflower Tuesdays to look up to, to respect, and finally to help remind yourself that you are beautiful. Without you, our music would be meaningless. Thank you.


Muse, Incubus, Bryan Adams, Cher, Flight of the Concords

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