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27 Apr 2012 date joined

England, Greater London




LJ better known as Tricks was born in northwest London. He is the ownwer of Shadow I.N.C Records, which was formed in 2008. Tricks is sumerised as a U.K. London Rapper,songwriter,producer and all round business man. Tricks first musical influence was from his farther as he was a DJ ,who played music at live gigs and clubs and had his own sound, aswell as his cousins Remi and LJ who are a producer and singer. Tricks took to writing from the age of 10 years old and went on to study performing arts and a commercial music business course . Tricks dropped his mixtape The Rise of a northwest nigga in 2009 which receieved great apprasall and recognition from fellow MC'S in the game and the public . Since then Tricks has been finishing off his 2 new solo albums Orange is my theme & Mercury Ruler of interlect and 2 new group albums with T.N.S called 1.3.5. and Same Difference Dwayne, better known as 'Snips', was born in North West London. From the age of 4 he started to gain an interest in music, playing bongos and the drum kit. Watching his uncle, he was inspired to make his first production at the age of 10 yrs old, which he took further while attending high school. Snips started to produce for local artist from the age of 16 yrs old. He then went on to play drums with a band called 'Funk 4 da Soul' With all his experience, Snips decided to start up his own label in 2010 which he called, 'Versa-Style Productions'. Snips has made a transition from producing to rapping, but he is a producer foremost. T.N.S Who are childhood friends,and rap duo from Northwest London who are producers and performers. Through both individuals going through there own music journey they later came together to form the group T.N.S.

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