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Tag-Team Preacher

BBC Introducing : Tag-Team Preacher (LIVE)

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Tag-Team Preacher

BBC Introducing : Tag-Team Preacher (LIVE)

23 Apr 2012 date joined

England, South Yorkshire

Steven Preacher Vox + Guitar

Daniella Rezende Vox + Harmonica + Tambourine

Natasha Katerina Williams Vox + Piano / Organ

Pete Carlill Lead Guitar

Kim Hudson Bass

Bruce Henry Renshaw Drums


Tag-Team Preacher is the brainchild of singer/songwriter Steve Ward, who formed the band in early 2009. In the beginning, Steve Ward either performed in a solo capacity or within a band, built up of various members of the Leeds music scene. The first line-up consisted of Steve Ward, Albert Ross and Tony Freeman from dance outfit ‘The Mothers of God’ and ‘Albert Ross & The Black Sea’, as well as film maker/photographer Kerry Harrison on drums. Find all information on past and present TTP band members in the ‘About’ section of the site. Before the band had properly formed or played live, Albert Ross had recorded Steve Ward in his studio, producing early demo versions of ‘Delia’, ‘First Waltz’ and ‘No Time For Dancin’. Albert Ross would later start the website - – which would feature a live performance from Tag-Team Preacher on Otley Chevin, playing ‘You Could Forever Be Chasing The Sun’ (See ‘Media’). Towards the end of 2009 Steve Ward started assembling a new line-up of full-time members. Pete Carlill was the first to cement his place on lead guitar duties. He was followed by vocalist Daniella Rezende and bass player Jack Hughes. Brendan Campbell completed the line-up but was later replaced by Bruce Henry Renshaw. Brendan can now be found drumming for close friends ‘Alaska’. In 2010 Tag-Team Preacher went about recording their debut EP as well as constantly playing local shows around Leeds, Sheffield and Wakefield. The band ended the year in the top 5 most prolific live bands on the official Leeds Music Scene website. The band started running their own live night in 2010 at Baby Jupiter in Leeds. The night is called Purple Parallelogram, named after an unreleased Lemonheads track. The aim of the night was to bring together a live night of the bands favourite local bands and also provide a residency for Tag-Team Preacher. Acts that have played the night include Run Speed Tiger, Alaska, March of Dimes, Fran Woodcock, Secret Sirens and many more… Also in 2010, the band shot their debut video for the track ‘You Can’t Go Back’. The track was wrote and recorded all in one late Sunday evening and later on Kerry Harrison provided drums to all Steve’s instrumentation. Kerry would later film video around Leeds’ Hyde Park area (See ‘Media’). The band have featured numerous times on BBC Introducing with Alan Raw and have performed live in the studio, as well as being interviewed on air. Tag-Team Preacher have been a regular live band on the BBC backed live night – 360 Club – at The Library, Leeds. This is a night run by Richard Watson, who has mentored the band along the way. Richard and the BBC put together a 12-minute live montage of TTP playing the 360Club (See ‘Media’). The debut EP was named ‘Sell It To Me’ after the title track and was recorded by guitarist Pete Carlill in their own studio in Armley, Leeds. Released in July 2011, the EP launch was held at the 360 Club, which also was the debut gig for Natasha Williams who joined the band on piano/keys/vocals and also provided the artwork for ‘Sell It To Me’. Before the launch gig, Steve Ward went on Alan Raw’s show once again to plug the night. The band didn’t rest on their laurels and immediately returned to their studio to start recording the follow up EP. Again, another 5-track compilation of songs from their live set. As well as this, Steve Ward had been recording an album of material with Albert Ross in his home studio, using influences Neil Young and Scott Walker as the basis for what they wanted to create. This recording will have a different feel to previous works and will heavily feature strings, mandolins and piano. Both these recordings are scheduled for 2012 releases. The name Tag-Team Preacher was thought up after Steve Ward caught the title on the end credits of the Robert Duvall directed movie – The Apostle. The name also leant itself to the fact he wanted to collaborate with different people and approach different genres, whilst still maintaining the same name…Tag-Team Preacher…


Lou Reed, Magnetic Fields, Teenage Fanclub, Lemonheads, The Vines, The Beach Boys, Mark Lanegan...and many many more...

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