Red Bool Bedroom Jam

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27 Dec 2011 date joined

Wales, Carmarthenshire

Scott Morton Vox/Guitar

Richard Morgan Guitar/Vox

David Foster Bass Guitar

Ross Guyatt Drums


A simple affair really. 4 discontented individuals with the social skills of a bull shark bonded by the fear of change. Formed in the summer of 2010, TD are a rock band influenced by Budgies, Dogs in hats, Turkish Baths, Pick\'n\'mix, Mixed Doubles & Fry ups. They also like music too.

Now lets not get all pretentious and run off a load of band names that we think you may like just to get your attention. Good honest rock music, not the type that is served by some tool in spandex playing a pointy guitar on a cliff top wailing ‘in the night’. You wear sunglasses? Chances are you have ears, use them.

Their first gig was opening for Voodoo Six in Bristol (Nov 2010)and have since played a handful of gigs around South Wales. The band are currently in the studio fighting over whose turn it is to make the tea/play pool. They are also putting the finishing touches to their debut album. They have had radio play across Wales (Bro FM, Nation radio) with live sessions on Bay FM and up and coming sessions for Bro and Nation. TD have also received press coverage (Glamorgan Gazette) for their recent success in the regional ‘Live and Unsigned’ heat. Their track ‘The Prototype’ was recently used in the opening video sequence for the FIA GT1 World Series, broadcast live to an estimated 250 million viewers (ESPN,Bloomberg TV) on the 08/05/2010.The band have a tour planned for the summer with the highlight being a slot on the Bulldog Bash festival in August (Area 81 stage).


ACDC, Black Sabbath

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