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The Boneyard

Welcome To The Boneyard

this band

Average rating 4.1

The Boneyard

Welcome To The Boneyard

6 Jan 2012 date joined

England, West Yorkshire


Welcome to the Boneyard!

The Boneyard are the best Glammed up, Hard rockin\', Harder partyin\', Good lookin\' Grave-core band to ever crawl out of the ground!

The metal rule-book has been re-written by these half dead headbangers! With lyrics screaming \"boobs, beers and weed\", the 3 key ingredients for a Boneyard party!! Pounding drum lines that command the crowds into a wave of blood, sweat and hair! Guitar riffs that get nailed into your head for the rest of the week! and breakdowns so vicious you\'ll shit yourself!

Live, Boneyard put on one of the most epic shows you could imagine, the alcohols flowing, hair\'s flying, the crowds bleeding, and the tunes just keep coming!

Again i welcome you to the Boneyard, you\'ll never leave!!


In Flames, Murderdolls, Dir En Grey, Trivium, Bring Me The Horizon, The Human Abstract, The Defiled.

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