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The Informatives

Can't Stop

this band

Average rating 2.9

The Informatives

Can't Stop

20 Dec 2011 date joined

England, Hertfordshire

Jordan Dendy Drums

Joe Moran Guitar/Vocals

Matthew Gill Lead Guitar

Ross McDonald Vocals

Aidan Blackwell Bass


In year nine at school in North Hertfordshire, the band are all 13 years old. The core of the band met at primary school but the full band has been together since meeting in their first year at secondary school. So far most of their gigs have been at school but they have connections to a couple of local bands and hope to be playing some larger venues and festivals in 2012.


Mostly rock from Muse to Guns n Roses, but also Cee lo Green, Van Morrison, The Clash, all sorts. Living within earshot of Knebworth Park the band have been exposed to all sorts of music from an early age.

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