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The Jellycats

Get Along

this band

Average rating 4.3

The Jellycats

Get Along

4 Jan 2012 date joined

Week 9 buzz chart winner

England, Essex

Emma Vocals

Ollie Guitar and Backing Vocals

Stu Drums

Rob Bass


The Jellycats punk/pop/ska/nu wave fusion gives them a fresh, interesting sound with catchy hooks and uplifting melodies; influenced by a range of artists from Blink 182 to Madness, No Doubt, The Specials etc. and have a unique sound, true to their Essex roots.

Emma and Ollie had been writing songs together for some time and it seemed like the most natural thing to form a band, so in 2010 together with Ollie’s brother Stu on the drums and a ruffian from Braintree who went buy the name of Jonson (Rob) on the Bass The Jellycats were formed of four individuals, who all loved and craved writing and playing live.

Ollie and Stu Cooper have had chart success with their previous band Koopa who were the first unsigned UK band to make it into the top 40 with downloads alone. With Koopa the boys achieved a number 31, 21 and 16 in the UK charts which led to their last album being produced by Blink 182s Mark Hoppus. They supported Army of Freshman, Bowling For Soup and Metro Station.

The Jellycats aspirations aren’t that of world domination, but simply to find a group of people who enjoy listening to their music as much as The Jellycats enjoy making it. To be a main stage act would be awesome and being the first band to play on the moon is definitely something to consider, but mainly they just want to get their music to as many people as possible, have a laugh and make them smile!


No Doubt, Jamie T, Blink 182, The Specials, The Mighty Boosh, Green Day, Family Guy, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Madness, The IT Crowd, They Might Be Giants, Paramore...

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