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The Manic Shine


this band

Average rating 4.3

The Manic Shine


5 Jan 2012 date joined

England, Greater London

Ozzie Lead Vox/ Guitar

Orren Guitar

Hutch Bass

Tamir Drums


The Manic Shine are in the business of breaking moulds. They do away with the over-used chord structures and conventional genres with their aptly named \'metamorphic rock\'; which nods to past times of heavy guitar blues; but is then amplified and entwined with electronic noises of the future. A raucous blend of progressive rock but not prog, indie stylings but no skinny jeans, and all the irreverent synth chaos of 21st century electronica. The Manic Shine is Ozzie Rogers (lead vocals, guitar), James Hutchison (bass), Tamir Karp (drums) and Orren Karp (guitar). Guitarist (Orren Karp) and drummer (Tamir Karp) were born at the foot of the Golan Heights, Israel, where their Scottish mother met their Israeli father after bonding over a classic Pink Floyd record. Ozzie (or Osama Alexander Rodgers) was born in London, but was raised in Dubai. His Syrian mother met his half English, quarter Italian and quarter Hungarian father in Egypt whilst travelling. The tension between these countries (Israel and Syria) is immense; you could basically cut it with a knife (or shoot it with an AK-47). But in this age of multi-culturalism, it stands out that the music industry must embrace a multitude of differences, as it is diversity that makes music and Britain great, and this is exactly what The Manic Shine showcase through a unique variety of musical and social backgrounds. “It’s got to have balls”, say the band about modern rock music, and The Manic Shine certainly pull out a brass pair. With all four members being graduates of some sort of music study, they bring a vast knowledge of their instruments to their creations. Tamir, the drummer and multi-instrumentalist, holds a degree in popular music performance and has extensive teachings in classical and jazz. Oz musical experience includes opening for big name bands such as Megadeth and Reel Big Fish. This is unlike so many new bands today whose inexperience and naivety constricts them from experimenting with their music. A perfect example of this is found in their newest record Blindsider (which will be released February 2012 by The Animal Farm), especially in the fourth track The Poet and the Lullaby, in which the bridge comes to a cataclysmic point of lucid dance-esque noise, demonstrating their wide variety of influences and talents (you can hear this now on The Manic Shine\'s self released first single Pretend had tastemaker support from NME and BBC Introducing\'s Tom Robinson. The band has supported Carl Barat and The Maccabees and play regularly in club across the UK.


All music but mostly: Led Zeppelin, Tool, Rage Against The Machine, Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Pat Metheny, John Scofield

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