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The Watermelons

Dance Strange Together

this band

Average rating 4.2

The Watermelons

Dance Strange Together

30 Jan 2012 date joined

England, West Sussex

Toby Bain Rhythm Guitar

Matt Wagstaff Drummer

David Kelly Bass

Sam Salkeld Lead Guitar



Based in Chichester/UK, the band consists of four members; Toby Bain, Matt Wagstaff, David Kelly and Sam Salkeld. They have a traditional set up of Drums, Bass with both rhythm and lead Guitar, completed with stand out Vocals.

The group have amazed audiences across the South Coast of England and they have been a recurring image at prestigious venues across UK. The success they have had at these venues is due largely to the outstanding original material and catchy songs such as, “Wait” and “Garden Path”. Their live performances are a contrast between professionalism and naivety that gives them a charm everyone will fall for. The Watermelons are continuing to branch out across the UK and Europe constantly taking their music and performances to new heights.


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