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Those Loathsome Fishmen


this band

Average rating 4.1

Those Loathsome Fishmen


21 Dec 2011 date joined

England, West Midlands

Luke Costin Bass

Aiden Price Drums

Mitchell Cashmore Lead Guitar

Marc Shinner Vocals


Those Loathsome Fishmen are a Punk/Alt/Raw Sex band from the Black Country (West Midlands). The band has consisted of the current line-up since mid-2011. Since then, they have written original songs and continue to write new material constantly. Those Loathsome Fishmen never take themselves seriously and prefer to see the funny / ironic side of life, often whilst under the influence of the Fishmen favourite, Sailor Jerry\\\'s and coke (Not cocaine! Regular cola!). Currently gigging, keep watching the page and come along where a good night is always promised.


The Undertones, Danzig, The Ramones

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