Red Bool Bedroom Jam

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21 Dec 2011 date joined

England, Kent

Justin Screams

Tai Vocals

Nathan Guitar/ Vocals

Tom Guitar

Katherine Bass

Fergus Drums


Looking for, brutality, technicality and Melody in one short blast of Progressive, Technical metal? Then look no further, introducing one of Prog’s most exciting stage performers, Tradjectory, at your service.

6 Piece band Tradjectory were formed in October 2010. Within less than a year of their formation Tradjectory played gigs with signed band ‘Visions (Basick Records)’ and Red Seas Fire who is also a largely know band in the genre. This quickly brought them to the attention of the media and the public, and has brought them together as a band; they are now a much tighter unit.

26th of November 2011 saw Tradjectory’s first headline show at the Camden Rock venue, only 2 months since their first live show. This provided them with enough promotion to get opportunities such as festival offers in 2012.

The sound is a mixture of Progressive metal, pulling in Inspiration from more modern techniques within the genre, slotting them in perfectly with the growing Djent scene. The style is a perfect mix between Melody, Brutality and Technicality The live shows are huge and it gets the crowd involved with Guitarists and Vocalists both getting out into the crowd making the audience feel \"close to the Band\", the choruses almost anthemic draws the audience into singing along. In the next year Tradjectory plan to play more shows, gain more fans, and play more festivals.


Alot of Aspects of different Genres, Including tech metal, Jazz, blues. main band influences include. Monuments, TesseracT, Periphery, Meshuggah.

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