Red Bool Bedroom Jam

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Tu Amore

Joan Of Arc

this band

Average rating 4.5

Tu Amore

Joan Of Arc

20 Dec 2011 date joined

England, Cambridgeshire

Ben Mackereth Guitar, Vocals

Ashley Morpeth Guitar

Joe Davies Bass

Karl Pickles Drums


\"On the 4th JuLy 2010 an idea was born, an idea of community, of possibility and of creative freedom. A way in which we could express inner anxieties and be liberated from being bent into shape by the same mundane existence prior to this tidal wave of conceivability. An exciting revelation that would help us exorcise inner demons and diminish gut wrenching pains and worries. The idea was this very platform \"Tu Amore\" all be it introspective and excruciatingly personal. None the less we invite you, we invite you to listen and to expel and deter those amongst us too ignorant for our very own eyes. On April 1st 2011 the band was officially born into the outside world. If what you hear (or see) passes you with no consequence then we thank you incredibly for your adventurous and enthusiastic eyes and ears, however if you feel what we feel help us by spreading the word. Music is a right to those who want to hear it and is not merely a privilege to only those \"wealthy\" enough to pay for it therefore our music is free and will remain free. We ask not for your acceptance as individuals or your money but simply to withhold a communion with us through passionate music that is neither good, bad or indifferent but that is honest and with deep thought\".

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