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Two Coins For The Boatman

Heal Me, Apollo Feat. Myke Terry

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Two Coins For The Boatman

Heal Me, Apollo Feat. Myke Terry

20 Dec 2011 date joined

England, Somerset

Bradley Jones Vocals

Carlos Collier Guitar

Jack Farrant Bass

Luck Westlake Drums


We are a Metal/Djent band from Taunton, Somerset who are crossing boundries within the Hardcore genre to create bouncy, upbeat music to get you moving.


This 4 piece band have already formed a formidable set, blending together Djentcore guitar riffs with two step rhythms and deafening breakdowns. Having already played with the likes of Martyr Defiled (A Siege Of Amida Records), The Dead Lay Waiting (Rising records), Honour Is Dead, The Hotel Ambush and more, Two Coins For The Boatman are already leaving a mark on the local scene. thwy have just realised there EP \'Pay The Boatman\' which features a track featuring Myke Terry From Bury Your Dead


korn deftones volumes lifeforms legend

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