Red Bool Bedroom Jam

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Tyrannosaurus Alan

S.T.B. (Feat. Jak Brown)

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Average rating 4.5

Tyrannosaurus Alan

S.T.B. (Feat. Jak Brown)

6 Jan 2012 date joined

England, Kent

Ollie Harries Guitar, Vocals

Ben Robinson Bass, Vocals

Simon Champ Trombone, Vocals

Sam Willson Trumpet, Trombone

Chris Humphrey Saxophone

Tom With Dreads Saxophone

Sam Cox Drums


We're a band what comes from Medway. We done one million gigs. Yep, one million.Only about 700 real gigs though. Got quite a few more coming up. We used to ride around in a knackered old van named Pam. She's was a beautiful old thing. Stank of sweat and petrol. We sleep wherever we find the space, eat whatever we can afford and play any room we can get in to. We have horns to blast your face, bass to rumble your feet, drums to bang your head, guitar to jangle your cockles and vocals that make you wana shout at us.


Capdown, NOFX, Bad Religion, NWA, Public Enemy, The Specials, King Prawn

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