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Average rating 4.3



21 Dec 2011 date joined

England, Durham

Chris Edwards Vocals

Chris Slasor Lead Guitar, Vocals

Paddy Jordan Guitar, Vocals

Matt Fodor Bass, Vocals

Ben McQueeney Drums, Vocals


The Country is going to hell, society is falling apart and every time you turn on the news it\'s all misery.

Well, Whalter is the perfect antidote to all that!

Whalter are a five piece who specialise in good time, anthemic pop rock with a cheeky North-East twist!

Their live show is energetic, bold and loud, and you can hear this captured impressively on their recordings too.

So forget about the bad stuff, if you like massive drum beats, huge, soaring guitars, and catchy, melodic vocals, stick a bit of Whalter on, and everything WILL be alright!

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