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Wideboy Generation


this band

Average rating 4.5

Wideboy Generation


3 Mar 2012 date joined

England, Hertfordshire

Joe Finnigan Guitar/Vocals

Aiden Eggenton Bass/Vocals

Jamie Wilsdon Drums


Wideboy Generation are Joe (vocals/guitar), Aid (bass/vocals) and Jamie (drums). They're 20, from the North London suburbs and have rocked over 150 live gigs in the past 9 months, putting in the slog that's got them labelled as the tightest new guitar band in Britain. They write their own songs. They're red-blooded rock 'n' rollers. They've also packed in working on building sites to record with music industry legend John Cornfield (Stone Roses, Oasis, Cast, Muse, The Verve) and they're about to hit 2012 with the full force of unbridled British youth at play. Welcome to Wideboy Generation.


Classic rock, britpop, rock n roll.

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