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With Winters

The Professor's Daughter (Live for the BBC intro)

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With Winters

The Professor's Daughter (Live for the BBC intro)

18 Feb 2012 date joined

England, Leicestershire

Danny Williams Drums, Guitar, Piano, Cello

Hussein Uraiby Drums, Guitar, Piano,

Tom Hutchinson Guitar, Vocals

Jason Noble Bass, Drums, Guitar, Piano,


With Winters are four multi-instrumental guys who all have a passion for With Winters are a orgasmogonic rock/alternative/many genres 4 piece haling from Leicester public houses and sweaty student halls. A With Winters live show is as likely to be a full-scale electric onslaught as an intimate acoustic show – The band have been known to swap instruments on stage just to complicate things for themselves and wrestle with pianos and cellos from time to time! Every show is different, never performing the same set twice, and often slotting in a cover or two in their own With Winters style. With Winters have just finished recording their first EP. Recorded and produced by the band, the EP spans some of the diversity of the band’s musical interests.

Drop D riffs, theatrical piano and delicate acoustic guitar are all covered in their first EP, even fitting in a little harmonica and whistling.


The offspring of an orgy between Sigur Ros, Muse, Led zeppelin, Rush, The Miserable Rich and Rachmaninov, making music that is both delicate and filled with the theatrics.

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