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Witness The Fall

Darkest Hour

this band

Average rating 4.2

Witness The Fall

Darkest Hour

23 Dec 2011 date joined

Scotland, Dumfries and Galloway

Richard Nelson Vocals

Chris Kelsall Guitar

Tony Mitchall Guitar/Backing Vocals

Dickie Drums

Jason Mcewan Bass/Backing Vocals


Witness The Fall formed in late October 2007 in a little town called Dumfries in the Southwest of Scotland.

Andy(Drums), Jase(Bass), Chris(Guitar) & Nelson(Vocals) were familiar with each other from playing in the local circuit and when they\'re respective bands split, the foursome got together to write and play music that they wanted to hear.

There was no other agenda behind the band.

The band wasn\'t trend based or aiming to be popular.

No gimmicks or \'scene\' bullshit.

Just four guys writing some kick ass music about things that meant something and letting everyone else know that we enjoyed doing it.

If people out there liked it, awesome, if not, we would keep doing it anyways.

No Compromise.

The first EP was recorded on a shoestring budget with in a local shoebox recording studio.

Although it was early days for us, we felt it did the job, it gave everyone a taste of what we were aiming to do.

With that under our belts, we used it to book shows in as many venue\'s as we could to get ourselves experience on the open road.

In February 2010 we headed back into the studio with new material to record.

The EP was recorded at Valvetone Studios in Dunfermline over the course of 8 (intense!) days, again for a meagre budget.

Inevitible line up changes and then delays ensued.

This was frustrating for us as we had worked hard to get to this point.

But everything happens for a reason, and with new members Tony(Guitar) and Dikkie(Drums) trained up and ready for the sonic assault, the Witness The Fall machine is ready to roll out once again.

Our new EP will be available mid March for Digital Download and physical copies will be available in April.

New gig dates and tourdates are being added all the time so add us on facebook or myspace for more info or even just general banter/abuse!

Keep the fatih brothers & sisters, we\'ll see you on the open road!


Nelson Witness The Fall


Many influences from metal to classic rock to hiphop, pop death metal, hardcore and everything inbetween

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