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20 Dec 2011 date joined

England, Northamptonshire

Malice Vocals

Tini Bass

Chris Guitar

Dansinth Guitar

Matt Drums


Ziyos was formed in late 2009, coincidence and chance meetings drew five individuals together and the fuse was lit. As with all good stories in the year that followed there was anger, disagreements, intrigue and betrayal. This led to a the discovery of Dansinth, our new-ish guitarist, re-writes of old material a more aggressive sound and above all a drive to succeed and bring their music and The Masters taint to the world.

Ziyos have spent the last year gigging around the Uk and have played all around the Uk from London to Sheffield. Recently they got to the finals of The Corporations Battle Of The Bands where they came missed out on first place by a mere point or two, we will be back ;).

Although They are a relatively new band Ziyos have supported, and held their own with bands such as Gunslinger, Turbowolf, The Skints, Hawkeye, Soilent Green, Warrior Soul and Damnation Angels. Their live shows are entertaining and face meltingly awesome whether they are playing at their local pub The Frog And Nightgown or performing on the main stage at The Corporation!!!!


Everything from Saint-Saens through to Alice Cooper from Glenn Miller to Nobuo Uematsu via Iron maiden and Hawkwind.

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