Red Bool Bedroom Jam

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The Buzz Chart

the current top 10 bands in the running for the live show

The Festival Chart

The top bands from the live shows in the running to play the festivals

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How It Works

Upload your band

Create a profile & mobilise your fan base

Each week fans vote for their favourite to the top of the Buzz chart

15 Bands

Top the Buzz chart, play a live show from your bedroom, move to the festival chart

Fans’ favourite tops the festival chart and plays the festivals

Judges pick 6 festival chart bands and 1 Wild Card band

8 Bands

Play the biggest & best festivals in the UK!

Judges pick 3 festival acts to play the live final

3 Bands

The fans pick their favourite

1 Band

The top band make a record at Red Bull Studios in London and go on tour supporting a huge established act.