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June 26, 2012

The lads in Adelaide played a great set at Download – one song of which you can see online now on the front page of

The boys have written a blog about their time at the festival, which you can read below!

“Where do we begin? We’ll start by saying how mind blowing the weekend was! The fact that we’re still alive to type this is proof that the human body can be pushed to the extreme and some how still retain a degree of sanity (well maybe not sanity but for the sake of argument we’ll call it that)! Download kicked off on the Friday and after an all night drive from a show in Cardiff (with numerous shower, coffee stops) we arrived at 5am ready to party! A power nap later and we entered what was supposed to be the festival, but in fact looked more like a scene from the movie 2012; it was complete carnage. With a 100,000 people going wild in the pouring rain, Download had turned in to a swamp!

Our drummer and guitarist Dave and Lloyd instantly recognised the dangers and bought themselves some rather fetching wellingtons. Sam and Josh however, were skint and thus had to endure the mud in a pair of Vans and brogues respectively (this led to Josh to fall flat on his face in front of a packed press tent, pure genius). After the first hour they were in a bad way. We made our way to the Red Bull Bedroom Jam tent to check out some of the bands that are in the competition with us then went and got the party started.

Twelve hours, sets from NOFX, Billy Talent, Chase & Status and The Prodigy, 30 gallons of free lager/cider later, the festival was well and truly on! We ended up following the party all the way back to the Sinstar bus in the artists camping area and managed to plough through with those guys until 6am on the Saturday morning (that’s right, go team)!

Meanwhile our guitarist Dai travelled up (he had to bail out on the first day as he had prior commitments with Blink 182 at the O2, what a quim) on the train and got to the festival just in time to catch Don Broco smashing it on the Pepsi Max Stage. After Dai and our manager Holly kicked the van door in to wake us up, our drummer threw up and we ate a breakfast that went down like lumps of cardboard.  Dressed head to foot in new Sinstar gear that the brands owner Ryan drunkenly gave us; we headed back to the Red Bull tent. After checking out our boys in I Divide we headed off to the press tent to make ourselves useful (after all we were technically at the festival to work). We did a couple of interviews and met up with some old friends whilst some of us went to check out Steel Panther and Tenacious D. During the set of said D, Dai and Lloyd headed backstage where Dai ended up sharing toilet humour (literally, they were stood side by side waiting for a poo) with the drummer from Biffy Clyro as well as both having a chat with the legends that make up Steel Panther. Meanwhile, Jim from the Bedroom Jam production team (a prince among men if we’ve ever met one) collared a few of us and forced us on to some of the rides so he could film it for the Bedroom Jam webisodes. There was nothing entertaining in it for us, as after two days of heavy drinking and not much sleeping we were all doing what we could not to vomit as it was, let alone whilst spinning upside down at a kazillion miles an hour. It was harsh/genius.

Then the most surreal moment of any festival ever happened. Josh and Dai were hanging out backstage with some friends on the view point checking out Biffy Clyro when a little known guy from a tiny band called Metallica came strolling up eating the largest bag of American “chips” we’d ever seen in our lives! That’s right, James Hetfield came up on to the view point and checked out some of Biffy whilst filming the crowd on his iPhone. Everyone stood in his vicinity instantly went rigid and didn’t know what to do. All the girls swooned their knickers off whilst all the geezers started debating their sexuality. The guy’s a God, wouldn’t you?! Dai and Josh tried to force some awkward conversation before James bopped off back to his dressing room to get ready to bring the noise. After that, things got real!!! Metallica smashed it whilst we got smashed (we tried our hardest to behave but it was nigh on impossible with a free beer being handed to you every which way you turned). We all ended up back at the Sinstar bus where we were fortunate enough to be parked next to the lads in Killswitch Engage. We tried in vain to get them on the party train with us but they had to leave so we had it large in their stead. It was awesome!

Then Sunday finally came and with it our hour of reckoning!!! After another rough night sleeping in the van we made ourselves look as presentable as possible before grabbing our gear and heading down to the Red Bull stage. After necking eighty bottles of water in a bid to get rehydrated, we set our gear up. The time had come; and we’re not gonna lie it was incredible! We thought that as we are such a small band nobody would be interested in checking us out but the tent was near capacity and we rocked like it was the last show we would ever play. Words can’t really describe the feelings of euphoria and elation we all had after we finished our set, it was just amazing!!! We spent some time afterwards filming with Katie, Jim and the team before heading off to the press tent again to finish up any interviews we had left to do before heading over to watch Refused. They smashed seven bells of s**t out of Download and made us very pleased to be alive. At this point it started to dawn on us that the festival was quickly drawing to a close so we decided to make the most out of it and go out in style. We cleaned up as much free beer/cider/rum/vodka/poison as we could find and partied with everyone that we could find/would have us/would listen to us/wouldn’t call the police on us! It was intense and turned into an absolute s***fest, with bodies falling about the place and everyone pooling their cash to try and get that one last drink before the bars closed. They say all good things must come to an end and when the fireworks went off at the end of Black Sabbaths set we knew that time had come. With tearful farewells we made our way to the van, bringing with us as much mud as memories. It was one of the best weekends of our lives and the worst part of all of it was driving home knowing that we would wake up in a warm bed to a hot meal and a shower; the only time in life when creature comforts count for f*** all!!!!”

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