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July 5, 2012

The vicious Dead Harts went down a storm on our Red Bull Bedroom Jam stage at Download Festival 2012!

Check out this blog from the band about their weekend!

“We had the most amazing/surreal time at Download!

Highlights include hanging with our good buddies and fellow Sheffielders While She Sleeps, taking shuttle buses around the filth instead of walking through it (probably abused this right), partaking in some “activities” with the lad Callum Best and, of course, getting over 1000 people in the tent and a decent reception when we played

Looking out onto a crowd this big wasn’t as nervy as we initially thought, we did what we always do and ragged ourselves to shreds for them. Having an endless supply of Red Bull probably helped us sustain to the extent we did…

Outside the tent the single element of the band spent alot of time taking advantage of the female attention that all of a sudden rears it’s head when you have an AAA band around you wrist. Weird that.

Our merch was up for sale but the minimum price at Download is £20 per item. Even we’d admit you’d be a fool to purchase one of our tees for that. Especially being as it was the same price for Metallica, Sabbath, Machine Head etc. So we did a bit of dodgy dealing to get round it. The real hustle.

The press tent was an experience, loads of members of big bands milling about, meanwhile us rookies were clearly out of our depth! Luckily we had the Red Bull team to make us look slightly more professional. We
ended up doing around 15 interviews over the weekend so hopefully the hype will spread.

Overall, we all agreed it was one of the highlights of each of our lives. Pretty special weekend and we’re more than ready for Hevy Fest and the rest of the RBBJ event!”

Make sure you head to Hevy Festival to check out these lads in action!

Katie P x

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