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June 25, 2012

Everyone has now had a chance to recover from the fun – and mud – of Download Festival, so I thought it would be nice to see how the Red Bull Bedroom Jam bands themselves found the weekend of rock!

Here are a few words from vocalist Emma from The Jellycats:

Download in one word – unbelievable! We never imagined we’d have such a crowd and get such an amazing response we were totally blown away; after our set we spent the rest of Friday just buzzing! The adrenalin rush was incredible and we just had such a laugh on stage. Download is a truly legendary festival and we felt so honoured to be a part of such a ridiculous line-up!

“The only thing about the weekend that didn’t live up to the hype was the rain! It was no way near as bad as we were expecting, good times! Having said that I did manage to coat myself in mud through standard Bambi like behaviour on day one. Not so good. Baby wipes, awesome music and cider made it all ok though!”

“It was definitely one crazy weekend; we shook hands with some legends like Jack Black, Michael Starr of Steel Panther, Benji Webbe of Skindred… the list goes on! We were stood literally one meter from Slash!”

“We’re still suffering the post Download blues, we are just wishing we could do it every weekend! We made so many awesome memories and feel so lucky to have such awesome fans that worked so hard to help us win the festival chart. Now looking forward to Hevy, we just can’t wait to hit the Red Bull Bedroom Jam stage again! We are going to party hard Andrew WK style!”

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