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  • 1. What is Red Bull Bedroom Jam?
    • a. About Red Bull Bedroom Jam

      Welcome! Red Bull Bedroom Jam is a project that helps young bands get out of the bedroom and onto the big stage. Over the course of the year we will provide long term career support to the artists that work hardest in the rehearsal room and on promotion to equip them with all the tools and opportunities that they need to connect with thousands of new fans in both the online and real worlds.

    • b. What opportunities are open to bands that enter?

      The cream of the bands who enter get the chance to play a record a performance from their bedroom, which will be played to the world on the Red Bull Bedroom Jam website, play the Red Bull Bedroom Jam stage at some of the UK’s biggest festivals, make a music video, be tour support for an established act (For example last year’s winners got to tour with The Blackout), and even make a record at Red Bull Studios London.

    • c. Who can take part?

      Any band from England, Scotland or Wales can enter as long as they have at least one member who will be aged 21 or under on 10 June 2012. If you’re in Ireland check out for more details on how to get involved.

    • d. When do I have to have entered by?

      The last band to play a Red Bull Bedroom Jam Live Show will be announced on Monday 30th April 2012. Bands uploading after this date will not be eligible to take part in Red Bull Bedroom Jam 2011.

  • 2. I’m in a band, how do I take part?
    • a. Getting started

      First up you’ll need a video of your band, uploaded to YouTube. This could be anything from a camera phone recording to a professionally shot video. As long people can see and hear you, they can rate and comment on you. It’s the talent that matters, not your promo budget!

      you must disable any advertising or annotations from any videos you submit

      Next go to and click ‘Register Your Band Now’. Fill in your details, update your band profile, upload a video and start promoting!

      Remember to fill in the details of any social network profiles your band might have, this will improve the accuracy of our Buzz Chart and make sure we track all the buzz you’re creating online.

      before your video goes live we’ll give it a quick check to make sure it doesn’t contain any unsuitable material… be good!

    • b. Technical specifications / video file types

      YouTube accepts a wide variety of video formats and footage, including HD. However, videos cannot be longer than 15 minutes or more than 2 GB in size.

    • c. What next?

      Once your page is live, start promoting your video! Our Buzz Chart measures the amount of buzz your band makes online (it’s rather clever, don’t ask us how it works…), so make sure you share the link to your video with all your fans and ask them to help you promote it. We’ve included the usual share buttons across the site to make this easier for you. The more people watch, comment and rate your video the higher you’re likely to soar up the Buzz Chart.

    • d. I’ve entered Red Bull Bedroom Jam before, can I re-enter?

      If you’ve previously performed in a Red Bull Bedroom Jam show (i.e. the Red Bull team came to your house and filmed you), or if you’ve been chosen for any other Red Bull Bedroom Jam experiences, unfortunately you cannot re-enter.

      However, because bands grow, change and develop, the slate is wiped clean for 2012, so if you’ve entered before but never won a Bedroom Jam experience you can create a brand new band page for yourselves and take part again in 2012.

      We’ve also updated the Buzz Chart for 2012 (well, someone much cleverer than us has…) and we can now search more of the Internet than ever before! Be sure to let your fans and followers know via Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and anything else you’ve got!

  • 3. How does Red Bull Bedroom Jam work?
    • a. The four stages of Red Bull Bedroom Jam

      Red Bull Bedroom Jam is made up of four stages:

      The Weekly Shows

      This is the first stage. Each week the band at the top of the Buzz Chart will get a visit from our film crew and will record a performance from their bedroom. If your band is chosen you’ll need to perform 3 songs for the show, make sure you’ve got enough material! We will put these performances on the website each Monday at 5pm. Make sure you tune in!

      The band for the next weekly show will be chosen on the Monday and announced at approximately 6pm the same day. We will call the band to check their availability before announcing them on the site. If the band at the top of the Buzz Chart is not available, for any reason, we will choose the next band on the Buzz Chart.

      When a band plays a Weekly Show they are taken off the Buzz Chart and added to the Festival Chart. This chart works in exactly the same way as the Buzz Chart measuring the hype, talk and activity around your band.

      The Festival Stage

      At the end of the Weekly Shows phase the band at the top of the Festival Chart will be automatically confirmed to play the Red Bull Bedroom Jam stage at Slam Dunk, Underage, Download, Hevy and Sonisphere. Of course, the final bands to join the Festival Buzz Chart will be at no less an advantage as hype is measured in real time.

      The band at the top of the Festival Chart will get a place on the Red Bull Bedroom Jam festival tour. They will be joined by 6 other bands from the festival chart, selected by our esteemed panel of judges. Our judges will also add one Wild Card band to the festival line up. This band could come from any of the applications to Red Bull Bedroom Jam 2012, so make sure you continue to do everything you can to make your band stand out from the crowd.

      The Live Final Stage

      Later in the year, three of the eight Festival Stage bands will be selected by the judges for The Live Final.

      Beaming live from London, the world will be watching as the final three bands perform for the fans, judges and some very special invited guests.

      Breaking for 30 minutes, we’ll open the voting and the fans decide which act will be 2012′s champion.

      This band will get to record at Red Bull Studios London and go on tour with an established band, as their support. Without mentioning the huge exposure, the wealth of experience you’ll gain, being on tour with your mates could well be the most fun you’ve ever had!

    • b. How do I influence the charts?

      Both the Buzz Chart and the Festival Buzz Chart work in exactly the same way. They measure activity relating to your band across a range of websites to work out the buzz around your band.

      This includes:

      • Number of views on your Red Bull Bedroom Jam band page
      • The rating on your Red Bull Bedroom Jam band page
      • The comments on your Red Bull Bedroom Jam band page
      • Tweets that include your Twitter handle
      • Page views on MySpace
      • Number of plays on your MySpace music player
      • Plays on YouTube

      We measure a lot more than this, but if we told you everything you’d figure out how to game the system (we know we would!). All of these stats are collated and the Buzz Chart spits out a ranking relative to the other bands who’ve uploaded. The aim, of course, is to be number one!

      Please note: bands on the Festival Chart move up and down in exactly the same way, relating to views and comments on their original video upload.

    • c. The Judges

      One band will be picked by the public to play a number of UK festivals in 2012 using the Buzz Charts explained above.

      Our esteemed panel of rock-loving judges will then use all their rock knowledge and experience to select another seven bands to join them at each and every festival!

      Our 2012 judges line up is still being confirmed. Watch this space!

  • 4. I’m not in a band, can I still take part?
    • a. Have your say

      The fans are just as important to Red Bull Bedroom Jam as the bands.

      Without fans, bands would play to empty venues! Make sure you watch, rate and comment on your favourite videos. Fans know a good band when they hear them and so you need to score each video and then comment underneath.

      Keep it polite though eh? If you didn’t like a band, why not offer them some helpful advice rather than just slag them off!

  • 5. Troubleshooting
    • a. I’ve registered, but not received an email. What next?

      Sometimes the confirmation email can take a little while to arrive. Leave it an hour or so and if you still haven’t received an email send an email to

    • b. What are the best parameters for my video encoding software?

      Find out more about YouTube’s encoding requirements here

    • c. I’m having other technical issues

      Simply send an email to

  • 6. I have a question that’s not answered here!

    That’s fine—just email us at explaining your question clearly and we’ll do our best to help you out. If it’s a common question, we’ll also be adding them to this page complete with answers.

    If it’s a technical question please tell us what kind of computer and web browser you’re using, and as much detail as possible that could help us solve your query.