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August 22, 2012

The awesome Dead Harts have written a blog about their time at Hevy Fest earlier this month…

“We arrived at Hevy at 8am after travelling back overnight from our European Tour which finished in central France. All of us a little worse for wear after the activities from the couple of weeks on the mainland.

After being let into the car park we made make-shift curtains and kipped out for a bit while a few of the guys had a wander around the Hevy site. A couple of hours, a few showers and a crate of Red Bull later, we were up and about.

We met up with some old friends – Feed The Rhino, Skull and Bones Boys Club and some pals from Sheffield and enjoyed the weather, the booze and the atmosphere. The nerves didn’t start to kick in until load in time, Hevy wasn’t anywhere near as busy as Download but the responsibility to perform… well when there were so many other awesome heavy bands weighed us down a bit!

We watched the lads in Golden Tanks nail their set (we’re stoked to be going out on tour with those guys in November!) and then it was our shot.

The second we stepped on stage, it was business as usual. The anxiety ebbed away and we did what we do best, played some tunes and threw ourselves about. We had a rare, injury free show and got alot of awesome feedback from both the crowd and our fellow RBBJ counterparts.

Once the show was over it was time for the lads to enjoy the rest of the festival. There were a few other highlights; hanging out with Jacob Bannon of Converge (personal hero to each of us), enjoyed some female company (single members only….don’t want to get anyone in trouble!) and basically got out of control until the early hours of Monday morning.

Another insane life experience for the DH lads!”

Roll on the final showdown!

Katie x

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