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August 17, 2012

Hevy Festival was brilliant! All eight of our rock ‘n’ roll hopefuls did a great job, winning over the crowds in our special Red Bull Bedroom Jam tent.

We have since found out that Dead Harts, I Divide and Golden Tanks are the three bands that have made it through to the finals.

Here Golden Tanks look back to Hevy and the moment they found out they were through…

Hevy Fest was awesome. Got there early on Friday to check out some of our mates bands that were playing. We took it easy on the first night so we didn’t wake up too hungover for the show on Saturday!

Saturday we woke up, did a couple interviews and got ready to go on. We had the best time on the Red Bull Bedroom Jam stage and played to a well good crowd. Saw a lot of good friends that day and had a mental night. On Sunday we watched a few bands in the day and hung out with I Divide all night and had a mad party! We saw each other in the morning and none of us looked well…

Getting through to the Red Bull Bedroom Jam final was insane.I  don’t think any of us could believe it. Being told last that we were through was a proper head f*ck. Illsley was on the phone to me telling me he went to the toilet at work to pray we’d go through! We’re well glad we get to go through with Dead Harts and I Divide cause they’re awesome guys, sick bands and all well deserve it.

See you at the final!”

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