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March 1, 2012

Hi everyone … and welcome to another blog for the epic Red Bull Bedroom Jam 2012!

We have now done six – yikes –  shoots for RBBJ 2012, and it’s great meeting so many new people and hearing such great new tunes!

This week, the RBBJ team – that’s me and our camera/sound/awesome crew – went to South London (Erith to be exact) to film a Bedroom Jam with ADELAIDE!

Some of the band were still in the shower when we arrived (oops), but everyone quickly got ready and went about transforming drummer Dave’s house from live-in to rock-out.

The hallway was filled with all of the band’s gear – perfectly labelled to make the day all the easier ;)

The bed got taken apart, cupboards moved, floor swept, blinds drawn, banner up – and we were ready to get going on the day’s jamming!

I found some of the band’s merchandise in the house, and ‘borrowed’ the items for the day to, umm, keep my wrists warm.

For a few of the band’s interviews, we headed outside of the house and into the lads’ tour van (in the background there). Here is a snap of Sam and Llyod standing out in the UK sunshine (well, nearly!).

Meanwhile, drummer Dave got ready for the afternoon’s main event! I love his T-shirt, says: ‘I Don’t Know How To Play Drums’. It’s a lie.

So, interviews done, toilet-camera confessions in the bag, equipment plugged in and buzzing – the band were ready to go. Here is a cheeky preview of what you can expect from their jam…

So there you go! ADELAIDE ladies and gents!

You’ll be able to see their show on Monday, March 5, on at 5pm, where it will stream live, and then be hosted forever AT THIS LOCATION for you to watch again and again!

Meanwhile, the band at the top of the Buzz Chart at noon on Monday will be the next ones through to RBBJ 2012 – so keep supporting your favourites!

I’ll see you Monday at 5pm!

Katie x

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