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March 29, 2012

Good afternoon everyone – especially Bedroom Jammers – and welcome to another Katie P blog for the super Red Bull Bedroom Jam 2012!

We have now done ten shoots for RBBJ 2012, and it’s mad to think that we started with snow and have already worked our way into sunny spring!

This week we headed over to Atherstone to film a Red Bull Bedroom Jam with female-fronted pop rockers EVERYBODY LOOKS FAMOUS!

We arrived at the house on sunny Wednesday morning and were welcomed by the cheery band – and a whole heap of their friends and family too! The shoot took place at guitarist Tom’s house…

Here is vocalist Lex helping carry the band’s gear up to the Bedroom above the garage…(she is being filmed by camera guy Will!)

Once the band were set up, Lex and I had a chat in the back of their band van about the three objects that best represent EVERYBODY LOOKS FAMOUS.

The band’s manager (and Tom’s dad) has an amazing car… truly, truly lovely. Here is me pretending for just one little moment that it’s mine!

As the sun was shining so brightly all day, all of the band and their friends and fans come and hung outside the front of the house for some interviews and fun filming!

Soon enough, it was time to start the Bedroom Jam shoot. The band had a dino-mascot on hand for good luck!

The floor started shaking and the wardrobe was quivering as EVERYBODY LOOKS FAMOUS started playing… sounded great!

So there you go! That was EVERYBODY LOOKS FAMOUS – big thank you to them for a brilliant and enjoyable day!

You’ll be able to see their show on Monday, April 2, on at 5pm, where it will stream live, and then be hosted forever AT THIS LOCATION for you to watch again and again!

Meanwhile, the band at the top of the Buzz Chart at noon on Monday will be the next ones through to RBBJ 2012 – so keep supporting your favourites!

I’ll see you on Monday at 5pm! Laters!

Katie x

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