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April 13, 2012

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another Katie P blog for the amazing Red Bull Bedroom Jam 2012!

We have now done twelve shoots for RBBJ 2012, and we nearly have our 15 bands (plus one wild card band) set for the full Festival Buzz Chart!

This week myself and the Red Bul team headed to Exeter in Devon to film a Red Bull Bedroom Jam with rowdy melodic rock lads I DIVIDE!

It was a beautiful (yet very cold) sunny day in Devon, and we arrived at the band house (three of the lads share a place together) for a day of musical fun, interview chaos… and smoke machines.

The lads had some pretty cool probs laying about the place.. including their incredible Book Of Inspiration filled with incredible images of famous ‘leaders’. Watch the show to find out more!

The sugar-loving band had even created their own Red Bull Bedroom JAM. See what they did there? Good on toast… or a crumpet… or a spoonful in some yoghurt. Nice.

Drummer Dave enjoyed sporting his fake moustache. Very sophisticated.

What with so many lads living in one space – the level of mess in the house was pretty high, but to be honest, I don’t think our hundreds of bags and equipment helped things!

Bassist Kristen took a quick snack break before we started the Bedroom Jam…

And… ta da! Here is the transformed bedroom, ready for a live performance!

So there you go! That was I DIVIDE – big thank you to them for a brilliant and really fun day (and for bacon sarnies)!

You’ll be able to see their show on Monday, April 16, on at 5pm, where it will stream live, and then be hosted forever AT THIS LOCATION for you to watch again and again!

Meanwhile, the band at the top of the Buzz Chart at noon on Monday will be the next ones through to RBBJ 2012 – so keep supporting your favourites!

I’ll see you on Monday at 5pm! Bye!

Katie x


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