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February 9, 2012

Hello readers/viewers and random internet users… and welcome to another Katie blog for Red Bull Bedroom Jam 2012!

We have now done three shoots for RBBJ 2012, and I’m racking up train miles all across the country, searching out the best new music around.

This week, the RBBJ team travelled to Weston-super-Mare to film Bedroom Jam Show Three with SHOW IT OFF!

I arrived early at the house and was welcomed by the very friendly band and their family and friends, with a cup of tea and some toast. Amazing!

The house was that of bassist Robbie (the cheery ginger haired one in their photos) and he made sure everyone felt right at home as we prepared to transform (trash) his house, and turn his bedroom from living space… to live space.

Here is Saffy – the family dog – she has a little house under the stairs, and enjoyed interrupting our filming links with the odd happy bark! Too cute.

The rest of the team arrived and we filmed the band carting all their gear up to the first floor bedroom (I would have helped, but I was holding the camera!).

We cleared out the stuff from the bedroom, and were pleased to discover this amazing wall of Robbie’s – covered in things he has collected from gigs and trips over the years, as well as notes that fans have given Show It Off.

While most of the band helped out, guitarist Johnny (the latest addition to the band), serenaded us all with a ukulele cover of Nirvana.

So, we were all set up and ready to go – I interviewed the band, chatted to their pals, forced them to give their rock confessions into our toilet cam, and we were all set and ready to play… Here’s drummer Migs getting ready to (drum) roll.

And there you go! The band started playing, and went through their three chosen songs. You will have to wait until next week to see the full show – it’s well worth the wait!

So, here are the details: you’ll be able to see the SHOW IT OFF‘s Jam and interviews on Monday, February 6 at 5pm on the show page of -

Meanwhile, the next band through to the Bedroom Jam Shows will be announced on Monday at noon… so make sure you keep voting/sharing/tweeting/commenting/watching your favourite band so that they rise up and up the Buzz Chart.

See you soon!

Katie P x

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