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February 24, 2012

Hello possums! … and welcome to another Katie (err, that’s me) blog for Red Bull Bedroom Jam 2012!

We have now done five Рwowzers Р shoots for RBBJ 2012, and we are racking up some amazing performances and great new friends as we wriggle around the nation discovering the best new music on offer.

This week, the RBBJ team – that’s me and our camera/sound/awesome crew – went back to Birmingham to film Bedroom Jam Show number FIVE with TAKING HAYLEY!

The lads were using bassist Tom’s house for the shoot – and were joined by pets, friends and family for the day’s filming.

Sadly drummer Jay was unable to make the shoot – as he was away on holiday for his birthday! – but the lads recruited pal Ben in for beats on the day.

Here is Tom’s dog Rosie. Am getting quite used to having pets as part of our shoots each week. If anyone has a small puppy they would let me take home with me after the day’s filming… that would be most welcome too ;)

Here is producer Jim getting ready for the day of filming. Sweet T-shirt Jim-Bob!

As we cleared the bedroom for filming, the lads put up their show-banner across the window which looked amazing for their live set!

Here is guitarist Levi hanging out with Tom’s heavy metal poster collection!

Vocalist/guitarist Ali was massively excited by our film crew’s ‘clapper’ board (everyone is, you can’t help but think it’s badass!). He even took to clapping in the kitchen!

And finally… here is the band all set up and ready to get rocking with their Bedroom Jam! Lights… camera… action! (that’s Tom there in the middle)

So there ya go.. a sneaky peeky of what’s to come from TAKING HAYLEY‘s Bedroom Jam show! WARNING: May also include lots of Drop Dead T-shirts and Tom’s awesome dad.

You will be able to watch the band’s set and interviews on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27 at 5pm at THIS LINK on the Red Bull Bedroom Jam site.

While you’re waiting, why not have a look at the four shows we have already done – they are all ready to watch on the SHOW PAGE.

The next band through to Red Bull Bedroom Jam 2012 will be announced on Monday at noon. Keep voting/sharing/tweeting/commenting and liking your favourites in the chart!

Katie x

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