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March 22, 2012

Good evening everyone – especially Jammers – and welcome to another little Katie P blog for the epic Red Bull Bedroom Jam 2012!

We have now done nine shoots for RBBJ 2012, and it’s crazy to think that eight of the bands will be at their first festival by the time May rolls around!

This week we headed over to Braintree in Essex to film a Red Bull Bedroom Jam with cheery four-piece THE JELLYCATS!

The band decided we would film their show in the house of brothers Stu and Ollie – drummer and guitarist for the band.

The guys and gal had already started clearing out the room when we arrived, and I helped them put up some more posters and get the place looking as much like a venue as possible! Here is Stu setting up his kit…

While the other band members got interviewed for their bathroom confessions and spilled the beans about life in THE JELLYCATS, the brothers’ dog was about to cause some chaos…

While we set up the cameras and got ready for the jam, Ollie and bassist Rob took in some sunshine in the back garden…

To make sure we didn’t all get too worn-out, the band ordered in some pizzas for us all to munch on – nice one! – and here is vocalist Emma getting ready for some grub!

By about 4pm, we were all set for the band to get jamming! They sped through their three punk ditties with ease – and it sounded great! Here is a snap of them sound-checking…

And finally – and I love this photo, sorry Stu – I managed to get a little snap behind the cameras of the drum-cam in action!

So there you go! That was THE JELLYCATS - big thank you to them for a brilliant and enjoyable day!

You’ll be able to see their show on Monday, March 26, at 5pm, where it will stream live, and then be hosted forever AT THIS LOCATION for you to watch again and again!

Meanwhile, the band at the top of the Buzz Chart at noon on Monday will be the next ones through to RBBJ 2012 - so keep supporting your favourites!

I’ll see you on Monday at 5pm! Ta ra!

Katie x

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